Higher education is more important than ever. Frientoru closes the gap between higher education seekers and university students or graduates, encouraging authentic information sharing and mentorship on everything university for everyone.


About Frientoru

Frientoru is an online community of mentees and mentors made for everyone.

We believe that higher education consulting and mentorship is best when done by mentors with personal experiences in their respective university.

The way forward is collaboration and people helping each other. We hope to contribute by empowering people to create meaningful connections, share authentic information, become better and grow together.

Student Mentorship

Student Consulting

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Member Offers

What we do

Create and build an online community, which allows higher education seekers to connect with university students and recent graduates. We hope to create a space to encourage authentic information sharing between people with personal university experiences.

We wish to create independent mentorship opportunities for university students and recent graduates, as a way to help out during this challenging time of limited openings in the global job market.

Ultimately, our goal is to transform the higher education consulting and mentorship sector through people and technology.

Why Frientoru?

Friend, mentor, university.

Authentic Mentorship

Connect with current students and graduate mentors for information and advice based on their personal experiences

Independent Mentorship Platform

Become an independent mentor and offer your services to others for rewards when you feel like you are ready

Comfortable Safe Environment

Send inquires of all concerns to students and recent graduates for advice based on their experiences of their respective institutions

Networking Opportunities

Network and keep in touch with members of the community for social and future business purposes

Here’s what our community has to say…

“It’s a great way to connect with students interested in a similar industry and to be able to provide the advice that I would have greatly needed as an applicant.”
Jade Chang
Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne
"This will help students prepare in a more holistic way for the next big step in their lives by being informed with lived experiences and combining both academic and personal elements into the process."
Celina Chien
Imperial College London
“Brilliant value added to sixth form and high school students looking to learn the truth about university life. I want to become an independent mentor to offer the help I never received.”
Luis Martinez Carron
IE University, Instituto de Empresa